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Welcome everyone!

Our server has opened today and I am happy to announce our Survival is officially open!
In this post I will give you guys a devblog of this update!


We have focused on adding the first couple of skills.
Those being Traveling, Crafting, Mining, Farming, Mining, Smithing and Woodcutting.

Currently, the enchanting table and brewing stand are disabled. Because these aren't coded and may be too overpowered to be restricted later.

The melting and cooking skills aren't coded either, but these are available in game. Mining is melting ores and other materials in a furnace. Cooking is cooking food in a furnace or a cooking on a campfire.

The skills enchanting, Brewing, Melting and Cooking will be implemented in the next update.
The next update will also add commands as /stats and /stats [username].

All perks of all levels can be seen in the post about the survival mode which will be published soon!

Maze Runner:

The minigame has been fully coded. A full info post will be made about this minigame later.

We are facing some issues with starting up the minigame for the public.

The minigame will be ready to play when the next update hits the server!

I hope to see you all on the server soon!
Have fun!